My Mission is to equip and empower leaders to rise up across the globe and lead by changing the way you think about what is and is not possible, unlocking your potential and expanding your impact.

I do this work for people who consider themselves difference makers. Those who have a calling to do something meaningful with their lives. Who want to have a far-reaching impact.

From a very young age I felt lost professionally, and also drawn to parts of the world where suffering was rampant ~ slums in India, orphanages in Romania, the fall out after genocide in Cambodia and Rwanda. I bounced back and forth between a rich corporate life, and exploring places that tugged at my heart. I felt split between these two worlds and wanted both.

So I fundamentally changed my relationship with what I believed I was capable of, and was possible. Today, eleven jobs, 5 continents and 44 countries later Clarity Unlimited was born. My life is a far cry from the girl who grew up in Birmingham, England, with no confidence, no trust of others, scared of everything (and pretending I wasn’t), and constantly running away in the hopes that I’d get away from myself.

I learned that to live the life that most belongs to us, we have to be brave enough to walk our own un-walked unique pathways. I help my clients figure out what this road is for them – whether I’m working with organizations or individuals.

I’ve lived in the UK, Germany, India, Hawaii, Rwanda and now the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve partnered with organizations such as Ernst and Young in San Francisco and the Millennium Village Project in Rwanda, Africa. My communication degree; organizational diagnosis, facilitation, emotionally intelligent leadership trainings, plus voice dialogue certification along with a wide experience with organizations, places and people has gifted me with a level of understanding, adaptability, and diverse business perspective that I’ll bring to my partnership with You. Reach out. I’d love to meet you.

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