What did you notice as you answered the questions? (feelings, thoughts, inspirations)

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Describe the ideal version of You. Who would you love to be? What do you value most?

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Describe your ideal life and work in 10-15 years. If it all worked out, what would you be doing? Where? With who?

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#7 When Intuition’s ready & the Heart isn’t

I’m a road warrior. Sometimes I wonder when the craving for a 3-hour commercial plane journey over 27-hour bus ride or bumpy 4-seater flight, a 5-star hotel room over 0-star lodge, or a spacious air conditioned 100-seater luxury coach over [...]

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#6 The Ambassador’s Wife

It’s a Friday night in Lusaka (the capital city of Zambia in Southern Africa) and after only 3 days in this new country I’m taxi-bound for 3D. An upscale art gallery in Kabulonga, which is, not surprisingly, an upscale part [...]

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#5 When Intuition Seems to Lead you Astray

The last thing I expected was to be virtually running from Hotel A La Mer; clutching tightly to my jacket, soap bag, water bottle and bags; heart-racing the entire 5 city blocks towards a hotel that would be my sanctuary [...]

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#4 Crickets and Chaos

4 days to go. I think it was about 2months ago when I consciously chose to release the kraken and allow the energy of Africa out of it's internal cage; to wash over and through me and my world. That [...]

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#3 I’m here but I’m there

(Until I get my blog subscription sorted out, you can sign up HERE to received blog updates via my newsletter) Tonight I stood at the sink. Black cotton sleeveless dress, hair bundled on my head, feet bare, and I washed [...]

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