A Career Change Means Leaving Parts Of You Behind.

It's trippy... this “moving to Africa” thing. You might relate… Let’s say you have a decision you want to make. On some level you imagine you make the decision (for ex: ok, I'm going to Africa), and then take a [...]

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I’m Moving to Africa!

I spend a great deal of time talking with people who are putting something off. Whether it's drinking less, taking a dream trip to Alaska, quitting their abusive boss, or taking a dance class. Many people are waiting for permission. Some [...]

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What Do You Feel On The Way Home From Work?

What do you feel when you're on the way home from work? Tired but accomplished? Fulfilled and focused? Resentful and depleted? Full of hope or hopeless? Sarah used to sit in her car, often in back-to-back traffic coming north up [...]

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What’s Really Stopping You From Breaking Free From Your Career.

  I watched a Netflix series the other day, while battling the holiday flu season, and for the first time in a long time ~ I actually gained something useful. It was a short series about British culture. I scratched [...]

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Why You Don’t Do What You Plan To Do!

You want to make a change in your career, or your life, or something! You know that that means doing stuff. It isn't going to magically just come to you. You have some ideas in mind but keep putting them off. [...]

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Is Anxiety A Constant Companion?

It's surprising and saddening to me how many people I meet who are managing anxiety. Feeling powerless in its grip. Knowing that it's zapping some of the colour from life ~ but not knowing what to do about it. In the face [...]

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What did you notice as you answered the questions? (feelings, thoughts, inspirations)

Final question! Please share in the comments below.

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Describe the ideal version of You. Who would you love to be? What do you value most?

Share your answer in the comments below, & then Click Here for the final question.

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