Support Downsized Workforce

Outplacement Services

You know you have to lay off some of your workforce and you know it’s going to cause disruption. An outplacement service can reduce that disruption significantly and the benefits to you make it worthwhile:

  • Stay competitive in your industry – the way you handle the people you let go of influences your reputation, and you’re probably going to be re-hiring at some point!
  • Maintain positive relationships with displaced workers – they’re the voice of your company and many of them have probably been loyal and hard workers, help them say good things about you
  • Create a positive reputation for your company as you go through this disruptive time – you do want to be a company that people want to work for! That’s how you attract the best of the best.
  • Help with liability protection – take care of your people by giving them more than a check, and this can reduce their levels of anger, fear, and rejection.
  • Benefit the people staying – alleviate employee concerns by showing them how you care for those leaving.

How I Can Support You

3-6 month customized outplacement group program* to help people transition into their next job.

Some core elements include:

  • Setting priorities and getting clear on which actions will deliver the fastest result
  • Organizing time, paperwork, and work flow in a way that works best for each person
  • Clarifying key resources for an efficient job search
  • Making solid decisions based on self-knowledge – rather than what everyone else thinks
  • Evaluating and strengthening personal and professional relationship resources
  • Tools to clarify where you want to go and identify what’s getting in the way
  • Building confidence, clarity and momentum to get hired fast

Tools included:

  • Job Clarity Matrix: a proven process to clarify, in detail, the job wanted
  • Resources for high quality resume, cover letter and Linked In
  • Individual career coaching to address specific needs and skill building

*I’ll design the program so that it lines up with needs expressed in your exit interviews.

To schedule a call and explore how I can support your downsized workforce, please reach out to me here.