A career where we feel appreciated, useful and accomplished  brings out our best, and fulfill us in ways that nothing else can. Whether you’ve been laid off or quit, want to improve a current position, or are ready to embark on a new career path, one of the biggest obstacles to a successful career change is going for what is familiar and safe, rather than bravely going for your true dream or vision.
      This book provides you with a roadmap to clarify what you want, courage to keep taking steps even after rejection, confidence to present yourself in the best possible light, and energy to keep going until you get where you want to go.
      No amount of information about how to write a resume or cover letter, dress for an interview, negotiate a salary raise, or have a difficult conversation with a co-worker—beats the effectiveness of believing in what you have to offer and not settling for less. There’s nothing more effective or magnetic than a woman or man who’s clear about their own worth and value.
      TURN will empower you to take your career into your own hands, and, trust me, it should never be anywhere else. You have more choices, opportunities and power than you know. Let’s access them!


TURN is packed with profoundly simple information to get unstuck and follow your path. The process transforms what seems impossible, into not only possible but absolutely tangible. Brilliant read and amazing author. Nicole Jones-Gyllstrom: Senior Vice President, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
This is a must-read for those wanting to accelerate their careers, pivot to a new career path, or transition back into the work place.  John Appelgren, Executive Career Coach / Consultant, Lee Hecht Harrison 
Clara’s guidance is spot on as she challenges us to look deep within, to engage with our various parts and discover where we’re meant to contribute     our talents. Katie Weibert: Talent Development Consultant at a Big Four Accounting Firm
The 4-steps provide a succinct process to understand and transform fear; and develop a plan of action. Strongly recommended for anyone who has     felt they are being held back by misplaced doubt. Peter McManus: Sales Director, salesforce.com