Intuitive Decision Making*This is Part Two in the T.U.R.N. ™ series. Check out Part 1 about better decision-making.

Before we can start T.U.R.N.-ing, first you need to clarify the decision you have to make. For example, “I need to decide whether to leave my current company and pursue work that better utilizes my skills and matches my interests.”

Step 1: T-ranslate

Whenever we’re faced with a choice – whether it’s to quit our job or go to the gym – it’s common to feel different reactions. Part of us says “Yes,” part of us says “No,” part of us says “Get more information,” and so on. Although it can be confusing, looking inside yourself, or T-ranslating, is your opportunity to glean wisdom and insight from your internal conversations.

We work with individuals to help them improve communication skills. But often the first step comes from learning how to communicate within yourself. It’s important to consider that each of these voices has a good reason for speaking up. The challenge occurs when two, three or four voices are all talking at the same time. It’s time to separate them and find out what each has to say; uncovering their insights, concerns, and intentions.

Let’s take the example of changing jobs. Your internal voices may be saying:

You’ll Get it Wrong – this part of you is worried about making the wrong decision and being judged negatively by family, friends, or society in general;

Fear of Change – this part thinks that the grass may not be greener and you should stay put;

Critic – this part is probably telling you that you’re the problem and if you just fixed X, Y, Z about you, you’d be better suited for your current position;

Believer – this part believes that you can have what you want, and that you’re more than capable of figuring it out as you go along;

Visionary – this part dreams big and is trying very hard to inspire you to go for it.

This cacophony of opinions can block clarity and slow down decision-making. For your decision, go inside of yourself and listen carefully to all of your concerns, hopes and inner opinions. Write down what is going through your mind.

T-ranslate is about you and the wisdom that each part has to offer you. Take your time. Refrain from coming up with the answers using only one “voice”. Imagine those voices inside of you, ask them a question, and wait for the answer. Write what you hear or sense.

Once you have a better understanding of what these key parts of you believe and want, you’re ready for the next step- U-nwind.