file51890e408685eIt would seem that this automatic world we now live in has us forgetting some very basic behaviors. Automatic flushing leaves toilets un-flushed, automatic taps leave taps running. We hold our hands under paper dispensers expecting air to automatically blast out and dry our hands, and throw paper on the floor expecting someone else to automatically pick it up. We walk into doors expecting them to automatically open, and hold our hands under soap dispensers expecting them to automatically dispense soap. Are we lazy? Or so overwhelmed with busy-ness that we don’t give ourselves time to become aware of our surroundings and the mark we’re making?

What else are we missing? and how is this automatic pilot approach impacting the depth of our friendships? The depth of our caring? The depth of our capacity to really feel?

2012 was, for me, the end of impossible standards, and the end of saying Yes to unfulfilling anything. It was also the end of too much ‘doing’. It was the start of a deeper ‘allowing’. Of faith that I can make more honest choices and will still be loved, accepted and abundant. I simply needed the courage to slow down, get comfortable in the space that was created when I quit over-doing it, and live with much more discernment.

So far so good. I’m flushing when needed and I’m ok if it takes a little extra effort to turn a tap on and off. I’m more present, life feels richer, and I’m grateful not only for the wake up call but also for the very real, completely unapologetic nature of it. Oh… and I can finally feel that some good stuff I’ve wanted for a long time, is on the way 🙂

I’d love to read your thoughts about this subject and what you believe the impact is on the quality of our lives.